Black Eyes Creature Design

Need Some Inspiration For Your Next Design?

Don’t Know What To Draw? Free Unique Creature Descriptions Tool Design Challenges There is a phenomenon known as ‘Writers Block’, It describes the state of mind that an author gets into when faced with a totally blank page. For some, this can be overwhelming and result in stifling the creative flow. For others it can […]

Shading Techniques

Shading Techniques

5 Shading Techniques Whether you draw traditionally or digitally, there comes a time when every artist decides to take their drawing to the next level and the first thing to be addressed can your your techniques for applying shading. There are a number of techniques and approaches that you can adopt to getting lead on […]

Idea Generation

Innovation vs Ideation – Getting Out Of A Creative Rut

Innovation vs Ideation – Getting Out Of A Creative Rut “Innovation is defined as the ‘action or process of innovating’. Innovations are: a new method, idea, product or process.”   Ideation Definition Quite often we think of creature design and innovative, where we create new and completely original creations from nothing. But sadly this is […]