MyPaint test

MyPaint – alien creature head test

Playing a little using an old application called MyPaint. I think I like it for the sketching brushes, but I am not totally sold on the painterly type brushes, perhaps I just need more practice with it? Anyways, alien creature head


Digital Painting – Black Eyes

Welcome to another digital painting time-lapse screen recording. This is one of my most viewed videos on youtube. Video: Process: When ever you are creating something unique and original, you need to make a conscious effort not to be led by what has gone before or what looks cool. To be truly unique it needs […]


Digital Painting – Dragon Head

In this screen capture, you will see how, I came up with this cool looking creature head. I wanted to create a design, that had contrast and elements of repetition. Most noticeable in the plates, on the back of the head, and the darkening of the muzzle area. I hope you enjoy watching the process, […]


Creature Design SpeedPaint – Big Nose

Another Creature Design Speedpaint using Photoshop CS5. This time you can watch as I speed through a large nosed creature. I employ my usual painting style, starting with a very loose line drawing, then progressing onto black and white shading, finally, leading in to multiple colour layers. Each layer is set to overlay and the […]