Digital Painting – Dragon Head

In this screen capture, you will see how, I came up with this cool looking creature head. I wanted to create a design, that had contrast and elements of repetition. Most noticeable in the plates, on the back of the head, and the darkening of the muzzle area. I hope you enjoy watching the process, […]

Finding the story inside the painting

TED Talk recommendation

Creating art is and always has been about communication and hidden stories or meanings. Some of the more famous artists would spend more time ‘designing’ their paintings than they would spend actually painting them. In this post, I would like to recommend one of the infamous TED talks to you. If you are unfamiliar with […]


Digital Painting Occult Goat Skull

Sometimes its good to get ‘dark’. This digital painting time-lapse shows the process taken to render a Goat Skull using Photoshop CS5. No Reference was used, so the proportions may quite well be off… Not my usual creature design style, but I hope you like it… What do you think?


Creature Design SpeedPaint – Big Nose

Another Creature Design Speedpaint using Photoshop CS5. This time you can watch as I speed through a large nosed creature. I employ my usual painting style, starting with a very loose line drawing, then progressing onto black and white shading, finally, leading in to multiple colour layers. Each layer is set to overlay and the […]

Bird Skull

Video – Bird Skull

Watch as I draw a Bird Skull… Using Photoshop CS5.5 and a Wacom Tablet, I attempt to get a realistic bone texture. I am using Photoshop standard hard round and soft round brushes. My colour choices were an off white and a warm (reddish) gray colour. I started by loosely defining the overall outline of […]

Hello Creature Designers

If you see this post it means that you have found the home of Read below to see some of the features available to you. Free Time-lapse Videos is home to many screen recordings of various painting sessions. These time-lapse videos give you an insight into the creative process and a unique insight […]