Hello Creature Designers

If you see this post it means that you have found the home of IDrawCreatures.com. Read below to see some of the features available to you.

##Free Time-lapse Videos
IDrawCreatures.com is home to many screen recordings of various painting sessions. These time-lapse videos give you an insight into the creative process and a unique insight into the various stages, we as artists go through when creating digital art.
If you are looking for a more in-depth design analysis why not check out the various tutorials we have on offer. Each tutorial has been designed to address a single issue and in their entirety, give you a broad understanding of some of the tips and tricks artists use to design and produce creative art.

##Photoshop Tutorials
When you’ve got some of the basics under your belt, why not check out the tutorials section. Each tutorial attempts to explain and demonstrate a single concept.
Many of the tutorials contain links to brushes, resource materials and links to valuable reference information. All we ask is that you give credit where credit is due and include a link to this site, when you produce your creations as a result of this site.

##Art Tips and Tricks
Now that you have your basics down and are well versed in some of the more technical aspects of creating art, you can keep your skills honed and up to date by following the tips and tricks.

One last thing to mention is, this site will build over time and as such you should check back on a regular basis, also be sure to share links to this site and encourage your friends to view the content on offer.
It is our hope that IDrawCreatures.com becomes the go-to location for designing and creating digital art.
Good luck and happy painting.
The IDrawCreatures.com team

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