The Tablet Driver Is Not Running

#The Tablet Driver Is Not Running

Wacom Error Message On Windows

The Tablet Driver Is Not Running Every now and again, computer decide to play up a little!

I recently encountered an issue on my Windows 7 laptop when working with my Wacom Intuos 4.

I would boot up my computer only to be greeted with the friendly message “The Tablet Driver Is Not Running”, so what gives?


Well, It turns out that the windows service which is responsible for starting the Wacom tablet service, was experiencing a time out issue. This can happen when your computer becomes sluggish and takes more than a certain length of time to complete the boot cycle. So what can we do about it?

The solution is pretty simple, we could delay the service from starting until windows has completed all of its tasks during boot, or we can take control and create a custom batch file to restart the service manually. This later approach is the one I want to share with you today.

##Step 1:

First open notepad and save the empty file as “Wacom Service Restart.bat”. Custom Batch File

NOTE: that you will need to change the extension from .txt to ‘all’ or ‘*.*’

If you do not perform this step then you will be left with a text file extension which means your batch file will not be executable.


##Step 2:

Now open your .bat file again and type the following commands:

Batch File - Restart Service net stop WTabletServicePro

ping -n 10 -w 1000 > nul

net start WTabletServicePro

Be sure to type then exactly as they appear here, otherwise the batch file may not run correctly. Save the file.


##Step 3:

When you next get the error message, simply click OK on the dialog, then run your new batch file.

NOTE: You may need to run this file as Administrator.

To do this, simply right click on the .bat file and “Run As Administrator”.

Run As Administrator

Job done!

I hope you found this little work around to be useful, if so leave a comment.

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